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Every participant of the conference has to be registered. For registration it is necessary to fill in the online application form that is to be found under Registration menu. Every registered participant has access to his or her personal conference account that is aimed to submit abstracts and full papers, to register accompanying people and to view details about board and lodging.
ATTENTION: It is important to keep all deadlines since some features of the conference account will not be available unless given deadlines are kept!

Abstract(s) and paper(s)
To submit your abstracts fill the corresponding online form. After abstract was accepted, it is possible to submit your full paper in Word document format. The author is fully responsible for content and quality of text, tables and figures. Hence, it is important to strictly follow paper formatting according to the instructions noted in PDF file below. It is recommended to write the article directly into the template document that is also available for download. It is further strongly recommended to keep the length of the paper that should include 4 to 12 pages (including figures, tables etc.).

Pdf icon Instructions for writing a full paper    Word doc icon Template document

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October 07, 2011
Online procedings of the MMaMS 2011 is now free available.
Proceedings of the conference MMaMS 2011

(c) Katedra aplikovanej mechaniky a mechatroniky, Strojnícka fakulta, TU v Košiciach 2011.
Created by Ing. Róbert Huňady, PhD.,  Translated by Ján Želonka.